Honeycomb & Metal Assembly

In the Honeycomb and Metal Assembly segment, Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd supplies Henkel metal bonding films for original construction and repair qualified to all major aerospace specifications, toughened paste adhesives used for bonding, potting and filling, and syntactic films and pastes such as expanding epoxy films for high strength core filling or honeycomb edge close out along with syntactic pastes for edge filling, fastener reinforcement and aerodynamic smoothing. 
We are able to offer the widest selection of paste adhesives for metal assembly ranging from Hysol EA 9309NA to Henkels newest line of Hysol EA 9360 and Hysol EA 9359.3. Our film adhesives range from Hysol EA 9628 to our newest Hysol EA 9696. Hysol EA 9696 has the optimum blend of toughness and high glass transition temperature and works well with all industry standard adhesive primers. It is designed for optimum wet out of aerospace anodized aluminum.
These structural adhesives are used to bond aluminum, stainless steel and titanium either in rib-stiffened designs or in honeycomb designs. Henkel has a complete line of pre-measured packages for paste adhesives ranging from a pudding cup to a two-part cartridge kit with static mixers. Our pre-measured packages range from as small as 25-gram applications to as large as 250-gram applications. In addition, we can provide support for meter-mix dispensing equipment designed for use with our Hysol paste adhesives.

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