Aero Consultants as a supplier to the aerospace industry is committed to quality. Complete traceability, supply of materials in original packing and with original labels as well as certificates were important to us long before ISO and other Quality Systems became a common issue. Our first ISO certification took place in 1999 and since then we have had many audits of our premises and procedures, especially those carried out by our customers.  We are happy to accept this challenge, as 100% quality of products and services is our aim and our obligation.


Quality Policy

    -  We believe in team working wherein we encourage and value the contributions of all individuals who are working together towards a common objective and who continuously seek to improve every aspect of our business.

    -  To achieve our goals we need to continue to provide outstanding customer service. We will accomplish our goals by focusing on customer service. We will endeavour to maintain and build proactive relationships with our customers.

    -  The Senior Management team will constantly review and establish the quality objectives required by AS9120 Rev B and ISO9001:2015, within the Management Review Process. We are further committed to ensuring that we satisfy all customer/legal/statutory requirements as applicable.

    -  We aim for flexibility in the sense of expanding the role of all staff to the maximum extent possible and we put customer care as the key responsibility above all. Our aim is to provide products and services right first time, every time, in order to satisfy precisely the requirements of our customers.


    "Our aim is customer satisfaction every time”

Quality Certificates

On this site you can download some of  our most important certificates and you will find a summary of our quality approvals:


Aero UK - ISO Quality Approval: AS 9120B / ISO 9001:2015: (PDF)

For information on REACH please click HERE

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Aero Consultants is a Certified Distributor

The supply of materials like structural adhesives to the aerospace industry must be subject to high quality standards. Order your Henkel Aerospace products only through a distributor who is certified and who is authorised to provide the original manufacturer certificate.


The authorisation by Henkel Aerospace of Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd as an official distributor can be viewed HERE.

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