Aircraft Chemical Milling Processes

Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd supply quality Maskants from Henkel. This is a select line of maskants that protect aluminum surfaces from acid-based etchants during the chemical milling process. Both solvent-based and polyurethane-based two-component maskants are also available.
The Bonderite® Advantage Henkel’s line of Bonderite brand maskants are used primarily in the aerospace industry, as this process is uniquely suited for allowing aircraft manufacturers to mill small amounts of metal from larger parts, thus reducing weight while maintaining strength on aluminum parts. These Maskants also protect metal in areas not exposed to the harsh chemical milling solutions.
These products are designed for complete protection from undercutting and are easily removed after the chemical milling operation is complete. We are also able to supply a related line of cleaners and deoxidizers, so manufacturers can obtain everything they need from one convenient, reliable source. 
We also distribute the new line developed by Henkel which is a two-component, polyurethane maskants that are dispensed via automated equipment for improved performance. Additionally, the removal of solvent-based maskants from the workplace provides increased benefits in health and safety.

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