Aircraft Composite Assemblies

Developed specifically for aerospace Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd provides a variety of product solutions from Henkel which facilitate the manufacture of composite assemblies in aircraft ranging from wing flaps, leading edges, rudder assemblies, wing to body fairings, trailing edges and ailerons.
We supply Mold Releases under the Frekote brand name. These mold releases are liquid polymers that are applied upon the inside of a composite or metal mold to facilitate the release of the part after it has been heat cured. Frekote is the world leading brand and stands for high performance semi-permanent multiple release polymers granting absolutely no transfer and long mold life. These high reliability release materials have been used for decades to ensure release of complex and expensive composite assemblies.
Another product we supply are Liquid Shims, highly filled epoxy paste products are used to fill very small gaps less than 3mm in composite assemblies between skin and rib assemblies. Leaving these gaps unfilled would create vibration and flex loads that would be detrimental to the structure. Liquid shims fill these gaps and transfer the load from the skins to the ribs thereby allowing a very cost efficient way to achieve large part fit up.
Composite Bonding Films represent the adhesive, which is used to bond today’s composite assemblies for aircraft. Composites may be solid, rib stiffened or honeycomb stiffened. Composite bonding films are the adhesive used to bond the prepreg to the honeycomb core or composite skin. They represent high temperature low flow systems that minimize intermingling between the composite prepreg resins and the adhesive.
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