High Temperature Assembly

Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd. supply Henkel film adhesives and primers along with paste adhesive for engine nacelle assembly.  This includes the Hysol line of film adhesives, including Hysol EA 9657, EA 9689 and Henkels newest product Hysol EA 9658. This product possesses the most advanced flow control to allow bonded assembly without hole blockage of honeycomb and perforated screens.
These materials operate at 177C/350F for thousands of hours without thermal degradation. They are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous high temperature operating environments and meet the demanding requirements of jet engine manufacturers, engine nacelle producers and commercial aircraft manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing.
High temperature assembly products have been used on both composite and metallic honeycomb structures for over 20 years. By supplying Henkels products are able to offer omplete lines of complementary materials ranging from syntactic cores to surfacing films and offer perhaps the largest range of high temperature pastes and film adhesives.
Engine nacelle adhesive films are used to fabricate metallic (aluminum) and composite nacelle structures.  The nacelle is the acoustic and aerodynamic housing around a jet engine. It contains inner and outer fixed structures, cowlings, thrust reverser blocker doors and access doors.  As an acoustic structure, one of its purposes it to dissipate the high pitched sounds from the front of the engine.  This structure requires adhesives with very low and controlled flow so that these key areas do not get blocked with adhesive, thereby retaining their high acoustic efficiency.
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