Aircraft Depaint and Repaint Systems

The labour intensive process of paint removal is made easier by using Henkel’s superior portfolio of high-performance products. We supply the complete line of depaint systems which includes water-based, acidic, alkaline and peroxide-based paint removers, as well as cleaners, deoxidizers, brighteners and conversion coatings. Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd is able to provides a full range of Henkels most efficient and advanced chemical solutions in the industry.
Henkel’s Aerospace Group was the first to offer MEC solvent-free paint strippers to the market. These environmentally advantaged products offer optimal performance in the depainting of aircraft surfaces and parts. Henkel paint strippers are NESHAP compliant, thixotropic products that cling to vertical surfaces, thereby improving the paint removal process.
Conversion coatings are spray-on coatings that enhance the adhesion of paints to metal surfaces. Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd supply all Henkel’s conversion coating lines (Bonderite®), these improve the paint adhesion of metallic parts. The company’s Bonderite M-NT 5900™ tri-chrome is Henkel’s first aerospace-based trivalent chrome conversion coating. An excellent base for paints and adhesives, the product provides bare aluminum ASTM B117 salt spray resistance and has been optimized for use in immersion or spray applications.
Aero Engineering