Aircraft Appearance

Aero Consultants (UK) Ltd provide a wide variety of cleaners for the aviation and aerospace industry. As distributor to some of the major brands in this industry we are able to offer a vast product portfolio that is based upon neutral, acid or alkaline systems designed to fit the industry’s demanding requirements.
Whether delivered via immersion tanks, by spray or brush applications, using Henkel’s superior line of cleaning products our customers can rely upon safe, fast, efficient and cost-effective cleaning of aircraft exteriors, wheel wells, flaps, landing gears and engine cowlings.
The exterior product range includes aggressive metal cleaners that remove soil and stains, while protecting the aircraft’s exterior surfaces including light metals such  as aluminum, magnesium and titanium.
All exterior washing products, polishes, brighteners, corrosion removers and protectives are developed in close cooperation with both airframe manufacturers and fleet operators.
For aircraft engines, we are able to offer Henkels complete line of OEM-approved in-line jet engine compressor cleaning compounds, under the Bonderite® brand trademark, designed to improve efficiency and reduce power loss of contaminated compressors. These compressor washes can be used on aircraft for removal of fuel-robbing carbon deposits and therefore Jet engines are restored to peak operating efficiency.
Aero Engineering