Expanded Metals

  • One-piece, single-unit structure
  • Eliminates unraveling and contact resistance of woven mesh
  • Superior shielding, electrical and heat transfer properties
  • Wide range of sizes, patterns, angles and materials
  • Specialized process variations, such as flattening, pulling, and annealing available
MicroGrid® precision-expanded foils from Dexmet are used in batteries, electronics, aerospace, medical, packaging, and wherever mesh and perforated foils with high precision, mechanical and electrical properties or EMI/RFI shielding capabilities are required. They are available in most metals and polymers, or we can work with your proprietary materials. Metals we regularly produce include: aluminum, brass, copper, Monelâ„¢, nickel, steel, stainless steel, and zinc.
 From our expanded metal there is a range of standard diamond mesh sized from .416" to .020" is available. The number of openings per square inch can vary from 25 to as many as 11,000, with an open area from 95% to as low as 10%. The variable open area faciliates lamination with a variety of other materials, including those which expand, contract and flex. We'll even design a precision expanded foil or expanded metal with unique characteristics for your particular application. Dexmet's extensive manufacturing resources can accommodate many process variations for metal materials in a range of finishes thicknesses.
 LWD (Long Way of the Diamond), measured from the center of the joint to the center of the adjacent joint. This dimension is built into the tool, and it always parallel to the width of the coil and corresponds with the diamond dimension.
SWD (Short Way of the Diamond) is the length of the short axis way of the diamon, measured from the center of the joint to the center of the joint. For each fixed LWD dimension, there is a range of SWD dimensions available as shown above.
Ductile Metals: Aluminum, Brass, Columbium, Copper, Gold, Inconel, Nickel, Nickel Alloys. Phosphor bronze, Platinum, Silver, Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Tantalum, Titanium, Zinc, Zirconium, etc.
Plastics: PEEK, PTFE, PFA, ACTFE, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Mylar, Tefzel, etc.
Explanation of Product Code:
Example: 3 Ni 5-077
First number represents nominal original thickness
3 = .003" (.076mm)
Letters are chemical symbol for material
Ni = Nickel
Number immediately following letters represents strand width
5 = .005" (.127mm)
Last number indicates the long way of the diamond
077 = .077" (1.96mm)
Variations to many of these standard  MicroGrid® products are desribed in the previous section. In addition, each mesh size offers a wide range of tools for your desired results. We can help design precision expanded foil to meet your specialized mechanical, electrical, or heat transfer requirements. Call for material/mesh samples and engineering assistance.
20 Al 20 - 416
3 Brass 10 - 125
 10 Cb 20 - 284
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